Velika Gorica Car Rental

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Guide to Velika Gorica

Velika Gorica is a city in the Zagreb County of Croatia. Located around 16 km’s from the city of Zagreb, this town is the largest and most populous town in the county and has been populated by humans since the prehistoric times. The Velikogorička road connects this city with the capital city although two planned bypasses along the eastern and western side of the city also being built to relieve traffic on the main highway. Booking a rental car is the easiest way to commute in Velika Gorica.

Velika Gorica has a few attractions of note for travelers in it. The Turopolje Museum is the main landmark in the city and contains archives and documents regarding the prehistoric settlements of the area. Vrata od krča or the Timber Gate is a wooden monument dedicated to human labor and reclaiming fertile land from the forest. Caput Lukavec is a well preserved fortification built in wood. This city also contains a few wooden Chapels which are quite unique to this region.

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