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Guide to Zaprešić

Zaprešić is a city in central Croatia located in the county of Zagreb. Located north-west of the capital city, this town is situated close to the Slovenian border and is the most populated area of the county. This town has human settlements dating back to the Neolithic ages and has been a modern town since the 14th century. The economy of this town is mostly based on the retailing, hospitality and tourism industries. Other prominent industries in Zaprešić include financial services, souvenir manufacturing, ceramic industry and metal working.

Zaprešić has many attractions for visitors to see in it. It has six historical palaces near each other in a route which is commonly called the ‘Palaces Path’. The Palaces include the Castle in Lužnica, Januševac Palace, Laduč mansion, Oršić family mansion, Jakovlje Palace, and Novi Dvori. The Museum of Matija Skurjeni is another place worth visiting here in Zaprešić.

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